BBL Skincare TreatmentAustin-Weston’s Elite Skin Center offers BBL (BroadBand Light) treatments, an ideal, FDA-cleared solution for no-downtime treatment of sun damage, acne, facial “thread” veins and broken capillaries, melasma (also known as “mask of pregnancy”,) rosacea, acne and more.

BBL is photo rejuvenation that utilizes intense pulsed light personalized to treat your individual concerns in a customized number of comfortable, non-invasive treatments. Most patients report feeling a snap similar to a rubber band with each pulse of light. The advanced Sciton BBL technology utilizes advanced cooling mechanisms with each pulse of light. BBL patients can go right back to work or their regular activities after treatment, with the exception of vigorous exercise and hot showers or steam baths—avoid these for approximately 24 hours.

Many patients are thrilled to find relief from the emotionally and physically painful condition of rosacea with BBL, which treats the vascularity that creates the red, swollen, bumpy appearance and painful burning sensation of rosacea. The BBL laser also treats the inflammatory cells, portions of the inflammatory pathways, and overactive sebaceous glands that exacerbate rosacea. Each patient is different, so the number of treatments needed varies per patient, but most rosacea patients receive between 6 and 10 BBL treatments. However, patients may start seeing and feeling improvement sooner.

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Our surgeons and the licensed master aestheticians and licensed plastic surgery nurse of the Austin-Weston Elite Skin Center are devoted to the beauty and health of our skin. BBL may also be combined with other skin care treatments such as chemical peels, dermaplaning, clinical facials, and Fraxel (not all at the same time, of course!) Please call 703-893-6168 for to schedule your personal complimentary consultation.